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It’s not If, It’s How

Prayers that Bring Healing

By John Eckhardt

“It is something Jesus paid for…He has made healing available to you through many avenues.” Prayers that Bring Healing pg. 5

Jesus does miracles. I’ve seen a leg physically lengthen before my eyes. I Jesus’ name I prayed for people and the pain left instantly. Personally I’ve experienced development healing in the name of Jesus.

Holy Spirit is revealing to me, healing is not always laying on of hands, Healing is present as we believe we received by what Christ accomplished it is revealed.

Take a look Jesus didn’t healing everyone the same way. In one instance He spoke a word in another instant He made clay with saliva and placed on someones eye. In another case he did nothing someones faith pulled virtue from Him. These examples go to show. It is healer that is most important for healing.- not the healing itself.

There are quite a number of pharmaceutical drugs on the market. Most suggest consult your physician before consumption. Your doctor is familiar with your condition. You could access to a pharmacy, but choosing any medication can prove detrimental. Jesus is the more than the Great Physician: He is our Creator “All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” John 1:3.

Apostle John Eckhardt in his book “Prayer that Brings Healing” lists twelve ways of manifested healing:

  1. Healing through the laying on of hands (Luke 4:40)
  2. Healing through deliverance (Matt 8:16)
  3. Healing through breaking curses (Gal. 3:13)
  4. Healing through anointing oil (Mark 6:16)
  5. Healing through Faith (Mark 11:23)
  6. Healing through virtue or touch (Mark 5:29-30)
  7. Healing through the presence of God (Luke 5:17)
  8. Healing through prayer (Matt. 21:22)
  9. Healing through the gift of Healing (1 Cor, 12:9-28)
  10. Healing through Fasting (Isa. 58:8)
  11. Healing through the word (Ps. 107:20)
  12. Healing through cloths/clothing (Acts 19:12)

Out of all these methods which has Jesus chosen for you? This is one of the reason a our hearts should be set on the one who heals. As we believe we receive. As we follow after Him, He is faithful to heal. Start with trusting Him, so as not be lead astray by the flesh and the cunning of men. Jesus says Holy Spirit with guide us in all truth. John 16:13


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