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Jesus’ Approach to Discipleship

Jesus’ Approach to Discipleship

Jesus’ method of discipleship was hands on. It takes confidences and trust to do discipleship as Jesus did it.

Observations of Jesus’ Approach

1. He recruited regular untrained men.
A number of His first disciples were fisherman. On was a tax collector. Jesus went as far as to say “you cannot put new wine in old wineskins”

2. On site training
When Jesus called the disciples they didn’t have a class. Everyday life and circumstances were their class room. The Pharisees had their study sessions etc. Jesus said “foxes have holes but the son of man has no where to lay his head”

3. Empowerment
Jesus immediately transferred authority and power to the disciples. The 72 disciple came back in awe of the power they had over demons etc.

4. Fellowship
The disciples were always together as a group. With Jesus instructing them

The aspect of Jesus ministry that interest me is the release of power and authority. The disciple were never trained in deliverance. They never took a class. Jesus gave them instructions and told them to go and they went. Jesus was given the Holy Spirit without measure. He was God incarnate. Yet He did have the need to control every disciple or hoard His spiritual power. Jesus released it right away.

In my opinion as men we need room to grow an learn. God give us authority and sets of free to become to be. The first disciples did not become apostles in a safety net.

We are not living in the same time frame, however principle remain the same. Relinquish authority to others. It takes trust. That’s what God did with Adam and Eve. He didn’t run to Adam and Eve and said straight way don’t listen to the serpent.

We are all made in the image of God and we all need a sphere of influence to operate. Because of the fall man has wanted to control everything including other men, but that was not God’s intent. Each person is made with unique treats and gifts specific for the purpose and place in the world. God’s intent is harmony.

Yes there is authority. God authority is without oppression and miss use. Jesus said as the Father has given you a Kingdom, so I give you a Kingdom. In God’s Kingdom he nurtures everything to grow and bear fruit. So shall it be in my life in Jesus’ name.

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